Melody International

Based on CTG(CardioTocoGram) technology developed by Tokyo University, Melody International Ltd. develops Fetal Monitor “iCTG,” which enables monitoring the health condition of an expectant mother and her fetus at any time, from anywhere. It is different from conventional CTG because of the smallness, the lightweight, the wireless system for remote examination, and the design for easy use by pregnant mothers. In addition, they offer a central monitor “Central i” and a cloud server “Melody i,” to collect data from multiple iCTGs to monitor in real-time. Right now, obstetric care is in crisis because the number of obstetrical facilities is falling, COVID is making it harder for a pregnant woman to see a doctor, and more women are carrying greater risk by having childbirths later in life. The company aims to help make the world a better place for expectant mothers by improving the safety and security of childbirths. The market size of this industry is expected to grow as the Social Insurance Medical Fee Payments law was revised in 2018 to accommodate telemedicine.