Our mission is to help the world’s entrepreneurs rapidly deliver high-quality products to the market, regardless of production volume. As a global ecosystem contributor, we provide founders with essential resources such as investment, mentorship, prototyping know-how, manufacturing expertise and community support.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we stress the importance of Monozukuri, the art of making things in a creative way. Although known as a traditional practice of manufacturing in Japan, Monozukuri enables us to create new values by fusing two opposite ideas integrated in harmony, such as old and new, East and West, hardware and software, and historical and modern.

Based in historical Kyoto City and modern New York City, Monozukuri Ventures empowers talented and diverse people to build tangible solutions to create a better future.


We aim to create a society where entrepreneurs shine and individual wills and aspirations can change the world, by connecting entrepreneurs around the world through "Monozukuri".

Humankind faces many issues we must solve as one, such as global warming and the emergence of new viruses. Although governments and large companies are working to solve these issues, such large-scale approaches cannot solve all problems alone.

As entrepreneurs tackle the challenges in front of them, their ability to act quickly can begin a wave of change that leads to the solution of major problems.. There are diverse cultures, customs, races, and genders in the world, and the global challenges that must be solved are also diverse. We respect such diversity through "Monozukuri".

We respect entrepreneurs problem-solving abilities and willingness to make mistakes, and disseminate these values into society. We believe that by carrying out our daily activities with these wills and aspirations, we will build a society in which each entrepreneur can vigorously tackle and solve issues.


Our purpose is to support startups.

Think from the viewpoint of startups first.

Have the recognition that "common sense in Japan is insane in the world."

Think and act so that people in other countries can understand it.

Be prepared to be as fast as a startup.

Act as if prepared to lead the fast-changing startup industry.

Realize that we live in a world where present common senses become senseless.

Open up new situations for ourselves without fear of changes.

In an environment where remote work is the mainstream, always be aware of team play.

Also, pay attention to being a member of the ecosystem centered on startups.