In 2017, we launched a VC fund specializing in “hardware” – a rare scope for venture funds. In 2021, we established another VC fund that expanded our focus to the manufacturing tech companies.

Our investment team, based in New York, Toronto and the San Francisco Bay Area deals with thousands of such deep-tech startups every year.

We also connect with major companies in these industries and provide technical support such as  prototyping and manufacturing.

By partnering with large companies in various fields, we offer startups a wide range of support, including supply chain collaboration and investment opportunities.


Investment Focus Area

Our investment targets are pre-seed, seed and early-stage hard-tech startups. Such companies include those that develop devices, materials, components, parts, software for manufacturing, and many other hardware-related fields in the US, Canada and Japan.

The industry domain includes healthcare, industrial IoT (IIoT), climate change tech, cleantech, smart home, wearable technologies, sharing economy, agri-tech, AI and machine learning, robotics, space tech and beyond.

Our typical check size ranges from USD $100,000 to $300,000, with follow-on investment up to $1 million per company, in the SAFE, KISS and convertible notes in addition to the regular stock.

Technical Consulting

We offer optimal solutions for every stage of the manufacturing process, from ideation and prototyping to mass production, providing comprehensive end-to-end support.

Explore our Tech Consulting page to discover more about our services, including our past projects and an introduction to our team of experts.

Open Innovation


The Kyoto Acceleration Program (KAP) is primarily designed for large corporations looking to create new businesses using external resources. By bringing experienced CxO startup professionals on board as “virtual CEOs,” the program accelerates the process of verifying business ideas. Within approximately three months, KAP helps to develop a comprehensive business plan, which can then be presented to investors, including VCs, to move the business forward.

View details of the KYOTO ACCELERATION PROGRAM 2022 >


At Kyoto Makers Garage (KMG), we provide a space where individuals can bring their ideas to life using advanced digital equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines. In addition, we offer manufacturing services and consultations to help guide makers through the production process.

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