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Customer Story

SmartShopping (Japan)

'Bringing software and hardware together
made our business grow fivefold.’

Who We Are

Monozukuri Ventures: not just a venture capital

For startup founders, it takes more than funding to bridge the gap between idea and product/market fit. With our unique way of supporting startups with manufacturing needs, we partner with startups for the long term, and work hand-in-glove with our portfolio every step of the way to grow their businesses.


Technical Consulting

Iterate your hardware product at early stages, from prototype to mass production. Get support from Japanese specialists who provide customized solutions for your manufacturing needs, focusing on low-volume production.


Solve your prototyping challenges by getting funds from our Japanese venture capital. If you are a Japan or US-based startup aiming for a physical product, you can apply to get seed and early stage within funding range from US $100K to $1M.

Technical Partners

Investment Partners


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