Privacy Policy

Monozukuri Ventures Corporation (“the Company”) ensures proper protection of information which could identify a customer or other specific individual (“personal information”), and that every executive and employee takes responsibility for adequate information management and this policy is efficiently implemented in order to meet the trust of our shareholders, fund investors, investee companies, and others.

1. In pursuit of “value creation through private equity”, the Company shall use personal information in the cases of fund establishment, investment, value adding to investee companies, and investment liquidation, for the purposes of use listed below:
(1)To provide our services such as establishment, management and related operations of funds, etc.
(2)If the processing of all or part of the personal information has been outsourced by other business operators, to appropriately carry out such outsourced operations
(3)Other than above, to perform transactions with customers appropriately and smoothly
(4)To procure products, services, funds, etc. necessary for the operation of the Company and the Company’s subsidiaries and affiliates
2. The Company has appointed an officer in charge of information who takes charge of information management for the Company.
3. To ensure effective implementation of this policy, the Company shall educate all of our executives and employees so as to comply with laws and regulations with regard to protecting customers’ and other personal information. The Company shall establish internal rules and other compliance programs related to personal information protection, and implement, maintain and continue to improve these programs to ensure thorough understanding of its importance among its executives, employees and related parties.
4. The Company shall take appropriate information security measures against unauthorized accesses, computer viruses, etc., to prevent damage, loss, alteration, and/or leakage of personal information. 5. Except for cases permitted by laws and regulations, the Company does not provide personal information obtained from its customers, etc. to third parties.
6. When outsourcing the handling of personal information to other institutions, the Company conducts impartial investigations of the institutions concerned and supervises the institutions to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect personal information and confidentiality.
7. If the Company receives a request from a customer, etc. for disclosure, amendment, etc. of personal information provided by the customer, the Company will promptly respond to the request to a reasonable extent possible.

If you have any opinions or questions regarding the Company’s handling of personal information, please email [email protected].