“MBC Shisaku Fund” first investment is Boston Biomotion with MIT technology

Makers Boot Camp (Darma Tech Labs, head office: Kyoto City, Representative Director: Narimasa Makino) in charge of managing "MBC Shisaku No. 1 Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership"("the Fund") as a general partners, and DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nakamura-shi Nakamura-ku, President: Masahiko Mori) will invest as Limited Partner (LP). At the same time, the Fund announces that will invest in Boston Biomotion, a startup working with technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as the first project in the portfolio.

The Fund announced MBC as General Partners in March this year and Kyoto Bank as an anchor LP, and will play a key role in spreading Japanese manufacturing worldwide through trial production and investment of both domestic and international IoT startups . Comments from DMG Mori Seiki, that decided LP investment: "That's a very interesting initiative", so DMG Mori Seiki is thrilled to join the Fund, which aims to support start-ups around the world with prototyping support towards mass production, from the financial side and also the technical side. for the Support by Kyoto prototype net with dealings with DMG Mori Seiki is also incorporated in the fund and I feel the edge. The prototype design → mass production prototype → mass production development and manufacturing process is a field that we are good at, and we greatly expect that we will be able to serve as a very powerful tool for developing startup through our machine tool technology.

About investment destination decision of this fund

The first investment project of the fund will be Boston Biomotion (Head office: New York City, CEO: Samuel Miller, http: //, hereinafter "BB"). BB is a startup that provides IoT solutions for human rehabilitation and sports training, with both hardware and software aspects, with personalized exercise & rehabilitation experience, optimizing human performance & wellness through robotics and data analytics. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of its initial shareholders. By the fund's investment, we plan to promote trial manufacture and mass production of hardware provided by BB in cooperation with Kyoto Shisaku Net (Kyoto prototype network), using MBC human resources & industrial know-how.

Comment from Boston Biomotion (CEO & Founder Samuel Miller):

“ MBC’s investment provides viable opportunities to engage their design for manufacturing experts and to produce the highest-quality products in their factories in Kyoto, allowing our team to focus on concept design, software development, and continuing to reach and collaborate with our tremendous partners and customer pipeline.”

MBC has raised ¥ 2 billion in financing this year, aims to strengthen cooperation with financial institutions and operating companies in each field, to make "Kyoto the capital of manufacturing and IoT startup".

[About the trial production support of Makers Boot Camp]

MBC invests in startups that must produce small lot prototypes prior to mass production, and at the same time, provides technical support along with the Kyoto Shisaku Net (Kyoto Prototype Network).