Open Innovation Practice Tour

At Monozukuri Ventures, we conduct open innovation practice programs for large corporations.

This tour helps you master new business development methods through collaboration outside the company. It clarifies the parts that are easy to stumble upon in collaboration, aiming to reduce the failure rate and improve practical collaboration skills.

Intended Participants

This program is suited for individuals who are...

Do you have problems like these?

Tailored program for each company

In the tour, we customize according to each company's needs with a focus on getting your team ready for creating new businesses through external collaboration, providing a method for 'gathering information and storytelling' in a short period.

Example of a 2-day program

Preliminary lecture
Lecture by MZV's CEO Makino on building network, information gathering, and strategy development for open innovation
Gathering information of each company
Visiting startups and SMEs that match the needs
Lecture tailored to the company's needs
Visiting Kyoto's traditional industries and temples and shrines to learn about the spirituality in manufacturing. Not just lectures, but practical sessions that engage the five senses, leading to different insights.
Visiting startups
Visiting up to three startups that meet the company's needs. Learning about their business operations, what startups think of large corporations, their philosophy on how to succeed, and the expectations and challenges of collaboration.
Presentation by tour participants
Lecture + Meditation
Cooling down

Participant Testimonials

I was able to reset my old mindset and gain new perspectives and insights.

I usually have little contact with startups. I'm glad that I was able to learn about the backgrounds and efforts of startup companies. This program made me want to discover more unconventional ideas.

Not just sitting through lectures, but having discussions and competitions allowed me to apply what I learned into practice.

It was a valuable experience in understanding the importance of firsthand experiences, acquiring new viewpoints and values, and comprehending the tendency of my own outputs.


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*It is around 300,000 yen per person for 2 days

How to Apply

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