Load & Road

LOAD & ROAD developed a teapot "Teplo" that automatically extracts tea in cooperation with a smartphone application and Teplo official tea leaves, and sells them in Japan and the United States. In general, when brewing the best tea, there are many factors that must be controlled, such as the amount of tea leaves, water, the extraction time, and the temperature. In order to enjoy each tea leaf in the best condition, we need to consider that these differences depending on the tea leaves. Teplo automatically controls these complex factors. In addition, normally, tea brewers adjust the tea conditions according to the behavior, facial expression, and taste preference of the drinker, and brew tea with the best taste and aroma according to the condition of the drinker at that time. LOAD & ROAD continued to do trials to reproduce craftsmanship with the latest technology, and realized the implementation of the world's first "personalized extraction function". 6 built-in sensors analyze the physical condition and mood of the drinker and extract the optimal tea.In Teplo's official online shop and official app, LOAD & ROAD sell tea leaves collected by teplo as a curator, where you can enjoy the taste and the story behind it regardless of the type of tea such as Japanese tea, black tea, Chinese tea, and Taiwanese tea.