Proteus Motion

Proteus Motion is a startup in NY that develops the world's first 3D resistance muscle training machine that reduces the training time to 1/3. Because Proteus can create resistance in all directions, various kinds of training can be done with just one of these.

Users can log in to the tablet on the machine to see the recommended personalized training menu as well as their training history. Furthermore, the display shows the posture in real-time, so it can be used for physical rehabilitation or improving form to play sports. The Los Angeles Dodgers and several other teams have already introduced this machine and are highly recognized by MLB baseball players.

The company receives financial support from sports players like the late David Stern, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association, David Winfield, elected to the Hall of Fame in 2001, Christopher Frank Capuano, an American former professional baseball pitcher who is Director of Operations of the MLB, and Dick Boyce, former partner of TPG investment fund and former CEO or chairman of many companies such as J.Crew, Delmonte, Burger King.