Forest Devices

Forest Devices is a company focused on prehospital stroke detection. The team developed AlphaStroke, a non-invasive, AI-powered device that can identify a stroke before a CT or MRI is available, improving patient outcomes by decreasing time to treatment. Forest Devices is a startup that develops a prehospital stroke detection device to automate triage so that EMTs can choose a hospital with the right equipment. Only 5% of all hospitals can treat major stroke emergencies in the USA, and only 20% can treat moderate stroke emergencies, so patients are often transferred to another hospital. 30-50% of stroke patients are misdiagnosed and transported to the wrong hospital. The device automatically measures brain waves and uses AI to determine whether or not there is a possibility and severity of the stroke. It displays the results within three minutes. A demonstration experiment is being conducted in Alberta, Canada, since May 2021.